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TMJ and Facial Pain

     Headache has been the number one pain problem in the United States and a major cause of suffering and absenteeism from work and school. Over 50 million Americans suffer from headaches but the outlook for the future has certainly improved. In recent years dramatic advances in research and treatment have given doctors the ability to relieve the endless suffering of patients with head pain. The focus is now on finding and treating the cause of the headache rather than writing a prescription for pain medication. The medications that we do use are often replacements or additions to our body's chemical imbalances. There is little reason today why patients should continue to suffer when so many successful treatment methods are available.

      Headaches are one of the most frequent symptoms of patients with TMD. Nearly 80% of the TMD patients in our practice report headache among their chief complaints. The two most important steps in the evaluation of a headache are to take a comprehensive history and perform a thorough physical examination. Some headaches may be a warning sign of serious systemic disorders. This must be ruled out before initiating treatment for TMD related headaches.

Some of the more common headaches we see include:

  1. Migraine
  2. Tension-type ( muscle)
  3. Headaches resulting from flexion-extension (whiplash) type of injury
  4. Headaches from dental causes such as tooth grinding, clenching, or a high bite If you think that your headache may be related to a temporomandibular disorder click on TMD to find out more.

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